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Conference: Nobel Prize Summit 2023: Truth, Trust, and Hope

May 1, 2023 - January 1, 2024 | Professional Development, Conferences, and Networks

The National Academy of Sciences, in partnership with the Nobel Foundation will host the second Nobel Prize Summit: Truth, Trust and Hope on May 24-26, 2023. This will be a hybrid meeting, with in-person component held in Washington, DC. The second Nobel Prize Summit will explore misinformation and disinformation in the context of the broader information ecosystem looking at the global impact of information technologies in nature and society. The Summit will bring together Nobel Laureates, leading scientists, business leaders, writers, artists, and young innovators to share insights, challenges, and solutions around trust and information. With a positive narrative and the accelerating prevalence of artificial intelligence, Big Data, and other emerging information technologies, the Summit will explore the challenges and opportunities of democratization of knowledge and information, the dilution of expertise and authoritative facts, and the erosion of trust. The Summit will also tackle the intricacies of balancing between top-down government regulations and bottom-up, community-driven innovative ideas that can foster global peace, stability, and prosperity. A Proceedings of a Summit with a synopsis of key messages will be prepared by a designated rapporteur in accordance with institutional guidelines. This event is a follow on to 2021 Nobel Prize Summit: Our Planet, Our Future on April 26-28, 2021, which included more than 21,500 unique visitors and 38 Nobel laureates as a virtual Summit.

Nobel Prize Summit: Truth, Trust and Hope aims to facilitate a forward-looking, solutions-focused dialogue that shapes our collective understanding of our reliance on science, knowledge, and information; and strengthen understanding on the complexities of the global information ecosystem, and the adverse implications and risks of misinformation and disinformation. The 2023 Nobel Prize Summit is envisioned as a three-day event to reach both an in-person and remote global audience, including an open public session on May 24, more focused technical sessions on May 25 in partnership with other organizations (by-invitation only), and follow-up events on May 26 geared towards education initiatives in the Washington, DC area and across the globe. The Summit plans to feature approximately 30 Nobel Laureates, together with approximately 30 additional international scholars, thought leaders, decision makers, and early-career professionals, identified by a Summit Steering Committee co-chaired by the NAS President and the head of the Nobel Foundation. The intended audiences include Nobel Laureates, experts from government, the private sector, academia, non-governmental organizations, international organizations, early-career professionals, and students interested in addressing Summit topics, including opportunities to engage underrepresented populations in the global dialogue. The Summit hopes to motivate governments, nongovernmental organizations, and a global audience to work together to raise awareness, minimize threats to experts and institutions, and contribute positively to global public discourse on critical issues of trust and information.


Funding Program: Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL)
Award Number: 2325015
Funding Amount: $49,990


  • Franklin Carrero-Martinez
    Principal Investigator
    National Academy of Sciences
  • Emi Kameyama
    Co-Principal Investigator
    National Academy of Sciences
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