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Current Funding Opportunities

Read the current NSF AISL Program Solicitation (22-626).

Revision Notes

  1. NEW: AISL Goals for Proposals
  2. NEW: Changes to project types, their required components, funding amounts and estimated number of proposals to be funded.
  3. NEW: Added new requirements for all proposals: 5 keywords in Project Summary; Goals to be addressed; List of Proposal Personnel
  4. REVISED: Solicitation-Specific Criteria
  5. REMINDER: All proposals must articulate a clear rationale describing how the project fits within the informal STEM learning literature and practice as well as how it advances our understanding of/contributes knowledge to the informal STEM learning community.
  6. REMINDER: The AISL Program prefers collaborative proposals to be submitted using the single-entity option (submitted by one organization with subawards). For collaborative proposals uploaded as separate linked submissions from multiple organizations, the minimum one-year budget amount is $75,000 for each organization for each project year.