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Marshall Barnes

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Affiliations(s): SuperScience for High School Physics
Location: yellow springs, OH 45387 United States
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Professional Bio

I am a research and development engineer and conceptual theorist, with a specialty in theoretical physics and cognition related to creativity and technologically induced modes of perception. I am a member of the Philosophy of Time Society, National STEM Foundation and the NineSigma open innovation organization. Jun 14, 2012 I was named Featured Member of the Week and was accepted as a member of the 1,000 Scientists in 1,000 Days program by Scientific American magazine that same month. I am currently promoting a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) agenda. For current examples of STEAM in my personal work, see me at and I am also part of the back story, in regards to the Higgs Boson discovery, as I accepted Stephen Hawking's $100 bet challenge announced September 8, 2008 and won with the historic discovery of the Higgs Boson, announced July 4th. My background, below, is how I got here...

Began researching consciousness in 1973, electronic music in 1974, and began studying marketing and promotions by following reported activities of David Bowie manager, Tony Defries and Alice Cooper manager, Shep Gordon. Became published poet in 1977 in (see #232) Poets In The Gallery chapbook by the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts, became multi-instrumentalist in 1977 and learned the basics of record production from sitting in with engineer Jack Casey and producer Marvin Jones at Rome Recording Studio. Was selected by David Rockefeller Jr. as the sole student representative for his Arts, Education and Americans Panel conference at the Ohio State University.

Studied video production in 1979 with Fred Anderle through the Creative Activities Program of the Ohio State University.

Became a professional recording producer in 1979. Beginning in the summer of that same year, was generously accepted by John Manning, Head of the Audio/Visual Instruction Department at Columbus Technical Institute, to be involved in independent video productions in the school TV studio where he served as a mentor to myself and other up and coming video production talent. Became professional video producer/director in 1980. Created The Last Communication, the first self-produced video album by a rock musician that same year.

Began researching the psychological origins of creativity in 1981.

In 1982 discovered the spontaneous psychological triggers for creativity that would lead to the creation of the Razz Triggering creativity technique. Received highest grade from Technical Writing and Composition course at Columbus Technical Institute.

Taught music video conceptual theory through CAP at the Ohio State University from 1983 to 1986.

Developed a wide variety of unrivaled cutting edge video techniques, 1983 to 1991, including how to make video footage look like film footage without computer enhancement. Discovered that single tube professional industrial video cameras produced broadcast quality signals and proved it in 1984 during a broadcast episode of PM Magazine.

Offered position as weapons system evaluator for ArmTec International in 1984, with the possibility of becoming weapon system designer based on my designs in a sci fi story I had written. Turned it down due to firm's foreign entanglements and lack of DoD involvement. Was appointed to Columbus Mayor Dana Rinehart's Cultural Arts Policy committee and wrote pertinent language into the final document affecting official treatment and recognition for bands and the nontraditional music community, as well as public access television and video art production.

Invented the EDPREPS guitar system in 1985. Invented the DEMI sampling(TM) technique using the Casio SK-1 in 1986 and won keyboard sponsorship from Casio Inc. Designed a new kind of video game for laser disc in 1985 with artist Jim Foeller, that was based on my sci fi story. Later that year, met with Devlin, Inc. in New York to discuss the financial feasibility of producing the game project there.

In 1986 approached Discovery Systems of Dublin, OH about doing a spec deal to produce the game for video disc as Discovery Systems was considering not only manufacturing CDs and laser discs but providing content for them as well. The game was viewed as too advanced of a project and was turned down. Within two years, those same decision makers had the company in bankruptcy, from which it emerged and had a checkered run before going out of business sometime after 2008 as Metatec International. The video game still exits conceptually as a test platform for the next generation of gaming concepts.

Drug-free creativity regional and national seminar leader for Youth to Youth, 1986-1989. Completed independent study of Psych 462: Psychology of Creativity Course at the Ohio State University in 1989.

In 1988-89 produced programming on drug-free creativity, including Z! Drug Free Creativity and Master of the Mind At Large featuring former David Bowie assistant and former president of Main Man LTD, Anthony Zanetta. Began to pursue advanced concepts in consciousness research after separate discussions with Dick Teresi and Pamela Weintraub of Omni Magazine in 1988. Began studying duration dilation during video game play.

Produced the first multi-media rock concert of the 1990s - The Exploding Optic Incredible which led to further advanced multi-media entertainment research. Invented the psychoactive music video production language in 1990, based on results from the EOI. Completed the world's first and still only psychoactive rock video album, Seeing the Breykiot, in 1991. Began research in advanced concept quantum mechanics.

Began professional speaking in 1992.

Conducted successful visual density reduction research (invisibility) in 1994.

Began and conducted non-lethal weapons research and development 1995 - 1999.
Had successful, live in the field tests against active targets, with directed EMF weapons in 1995 and 1999.

Started private research and development laboratory 2000 - 2007.

Invented the Space Time Dilator Transmitter System (STDTS) in 2000 along with the 4th D hypothesis space-time theory. 2001 - 2005 researched temporal mechanics.

In 2003 invented the technological architectures for experiencing techno-cognitively induced realities.

In 2004 presented Avoiding Hidden Assumption Traps When Thinking Outside the Box for the International Mars Society Conference and wrote and presented the first and only private sector analysis of the 2004 Air Force Teleportation Physics Study based on commissioned research for practical and commercial application of the results of that study.

2005 invented stereoscopic 3D glasses for art and started SuperScience for High School Physics program to expose high school students to advanced concept science and technology research from the real world.

2006 invented monoscopic 3D glasses and 3D stereoscopic hologram glasses for TV, along with the science of technocogninetics (the study of the effect of devices on human consciousness) at the suggestion of Dr.Itiel Dror of the University of Southamption, UK, as well as the 8 dimensional theory of sight and sound, now a proprietary research product. Also, that same year, invented the "movie director" video game playing style, using the game Radical Aces as the concept demonstration platform. Simultaneously discovered the potential for the "movie director" method to induce duration dilation.

2008 awarded the only permanent exhibit on optical invisibility in the world at the Santa Maria Visitor Education Center based on 1994 visual density reduction research (see last item in location list ). Wrote 11 point paper on original advanced weapons concepts which was removed from the Internet by DARPA (after all, it was sub-titled, Or Why I Should Run DARPA For The Next Administration), used technocogninetics to prove that, contrary to a Baylor College of Medicine study by David Eagleman PhD, duration dilation is not a function of elongated memory, and at Bexley High School began to prove that high school students could see errors made by PhD physicists that the PhDs couldn't see (now called the Oppenheimer Strain). Won city and state awards for the students. Became creativity master.

Answered Stephen Hawking's bet over the Higgs Boson particle and raised him by $900. The odds seem to be running in my favor, proving perhaps - maybe once and for all that, compared to me - S. Hawking isn't the greatest mind on the planet, only its most intelligent comedian. I won July 4th, 2012, so I guess that settles it...

2009 conducted 2nd Oppenheimer Strain experiment (this time at Columbus Africentric Early College) and won city recognition for the achievement while students got city and state recognition. Joined National Lab Day which is a part of the White House Educate to Innovate initiative and proved even Asperger's students at the Summit Academy in Toledo, OH could see flaws in Eagleman study. Earned the 2010 Top STEM Professional slot from National Lab Day for most STEM projects completed (did them in six states).

In 2010 presented Technocogninetic Methods To Reduce Psychological Threats To Surviving Voyages to Mars for the International Mars Society Conference and was guest exhibitor at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, Washington, DC with video and computer analysis of the first creation of Nikola Tesla's Wall of Light theory, video of an internationally reported STDTS gravity drop experiment, and made children appear to be going invisible for their friends and family to take pictures of. Later that year, composed and recorded, Particle Party, for the video game Particle Panic, created by Justin Young for Specter Studios.

In 2011 began making audio productions using 8 dimensional principles, created program to teach advanced creativity skills on the corporate level for employees and chief innovation officers, was Grand Judge for the D.C. Science and Engineering Fair and began campaign to establish STDTS as first functional prototype technology for warp drive. Conducted 3rd award winning Oppenheimer Strain project at Grandview Heights High School. In an ongoing effort to connect art and science, created the P.TVsynth or Programable Television Synthesizer(TM) and have begun creating still photo works and videos with it. Curently developing plans to use the P.TVsynth(TM) and DEMI sampling(TM) as educational tools for Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM) programs.

February 27th led a STEAM project proving Stephen Hawking wrong with high school students at Thomas Worthington High School with my solid body electric guitar. The last weekend in April I appeared live at the USA Science and Engineering Festival for the second time - showing the Tesla Wall of Light experiment, previews of the Great Gravity Drops, making objects look invisible for kids and playing the game, "Could You Be Smarter Than Stephen Hawking?"

March 26, led an Oppenheimer Strain experiment with seven members of The Ohio State University Wexner Math and Science Club in coordination with the Ohio State University African American and African Studies Extension Center. Seven 4th through 6th grade children were able to see a mistake that Stephen Hawking made during his own 2010 Discovery Channel TV special, Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking, involving the concepts of time travel. closed timel-ike curves and multiply connected spaces. The students will be getting recognitions from the Mayor of Columbus and Minority Whip of the Ohio State House of Representatives, Tracey Maxwell-Heard.

Related informal science projects list for review.

Expertise & Interest Descriptors

Temporal mechanics, consciousness, creativity, technocogninetics, optics, acoustics, multimedia production, marketing, electronic effects design, space-time geometry, designing distance learning STEM projects, special effects, video art, and the practical applications of the extreme implications of quantum mechanics.

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Selected Projects

Active :: The Santa Maria Experiment Exhibit. SuperScience for High School Physics/Marshall Barnes.

Completed :: Training Session. AET RaDAL.